Welcome to North Cairns Clinical Psychology: Supportive, professional, client-centred psychology for everyone.

North Cairns Clinical Psychology - Offices

Owned and staffed by well-known and respected local Clinical Psychologists Lainie Berry-Hicks and Stacey Lanza, we provide evidence-based psychological treatments in a supportive and client-centred manner. Offering the highest standards in mental health care to people of all ages, our central location allows us to serve residents from all suburbs of Cairns and beyond.

Lainie and Stacey are fully qualified Clinical Psychologists with years of experience in clinical treatment and diagnosis, as well as psychological therapy and supportive counselling. As Clinical Psychologists, we have a four-year Honours Degree in Psychology and have then undergone specialist clinical training by completing a postgraduate Masters or Doctorate degree in Clinical Psychology. Such training in Clinical Psychology is the highest level of mental health training available in psychology in Australia.

Rebecca is a Registered Counsellor who is also engaged in post-graduate psychology studies. Her expertise is unique and extensive, with clients benefiting from her experience supporting couples and families, in combination with her knowledge in psychological therapy.

Whether you are coming to see us for current life stressors, historical issues, or ongoing mental health difficulties or diagnoses, our team will offer you professional and compassionate treatment. We see individuals (adults, adolescents and children) and couples and will tailor therapy to meet your presenting issues and goals.