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Clinical Psychologist and Family Therapist

BA (Hons), M Clin Psych, M Clin Family Therapy, MAPS

I very recently re-located from Geelong and the Surf Coast to Cairns. It’s exciting to be living in the tropics as it’s vastly different to the South I know! I’m really inspired by the natural environment, am interested in natural conservation, bird watching and love the beach, so there will be much for me to discover here.

It was during secondary school that I discovered my interest in the brain and human relationships. In my 20s, I completed my Psychology Undergraduate Degree through Deakin University and went on to complete my Clinical Masters through the University of Ballarat. Through my training, I became aware that there is so much more to Psychology than ‘talk therapy’.

I was lucky enough to do a placement at the Bouverie Centre (Victoria’s First Family Therapy Institute). I was so taken with this way of working – how all family members can be helped to contribute to a solution. I found that some really positive changes could be made with multiple family members in the room, so I decided to complete my Masters in Clinical Family Therapy through the Bouverie Centre and Latrobe University. It was a busy time of my life as I was also working full-time in Adult Mental Health in Ballarat at the time. More recently, I have worked in health services helping people with cancer and their families.

I appreciate that it is not an easy step for people to see a Psychologist for the first time. I think that it’s important to be a warm presence for people, to actively listen and gently challenge where necessary as well. I think that there can be a place for humour when working with people. I use different evidence-based approaches and work with individuals, families and couples too. Outside of work, I enjoy kayaking, running and going to the beach with my husband and two young sons. Now that I’m here, I’m excited to be able to start paddling a surf ski and take my extended family to the reef.

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